I am a Naturopath, Exercise Physiologist, Lecturer, Mum, Runner, real food and gin lover ... I think that covers most bases!

I began my journey into the world of health science at University (UWA) where I studied Science with a major in Human Movement, Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology.   In search of a further understanding into the very nutrients that make us tick, my a deeper led to further studies Nutrition and Food Science (Curtin University).

A holiday on the lovely sunshine coast saw me wander past an integrative medicine clinic. Fascinated by benefits of nutritional and herbal medicine it was at that point I knew what career path I wanted to take. I decided to bite the bullet (and stretch my student career even further) studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

Fast forward 12 years and I have now been working in clinic as a Naturopath and Exercise Physiologist for over 12 years. I have worked  in busy wellness Clinics in Perth and in large corporate health companies both in Perth and with mining companies throughout WA. After a decision to move the family for a sea and tree change to the south coast I now run my own successful clinic in the beautiful coastal town of Denmark.  

As a Naturopath, I believe that a good practitioner will work with you a little like a detective. A series of questions, testing and analysis will help me nut out what is driving any issues with your health. 

My goal is to assist you in your health management, working with your GP and other allied health professionals to help you become your best self. 

I have had over twelve years experience in treating a wide rage of clients ranging from athletes to the elderly, babies and teenagers.  I have treated people locally, interstate and internationally. If a visit to the clinic is not possible, I often conduct phone and skype consultations. 

While treating a wide range of healthy conditions in clinic, I have a special interest and focus on gut health. After all, all health begins in the gut, right? Optimising digestive health is my passion and the area that I spend much of my spare time researching and gaining further training in. Most recently I have become quite focussed on studying and treating SIBO - a very common digestive complaint which is proving to be the trigger behind most cases of IBS, digestive disturbances and nutrient depletion. 

I love helping athletes reach their full potential, by optimising their diet, digestion and supporting the adrenal and immune systems. 

I love supporting people with anxiety and sleep disorders - nothing more satisfying than seeing someone regain their routine of a wonderful nights sleep. 

As a person with an autoimmune thyroid disorder myself (Hashimoto's) - I have a particular interest in working with others to optimise your thyroid and immune health.

Importantly, I firmly believe that there is no one practitioner that can meet and treat all of your health and wellness needs. It is very important to me that your approach to health is an integrated one. I enjoy working in with other health professionals as part of your winning team to  achieving optimum health. 

 I am also very fortunate to work as the Naturopath for the wonderful team Healthy Chef. Together with Teresa and the team, we get to share our mutual love of wellness, fitness and real food approaches to awesome health!